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Now available Herman Frasch: The Sulphur King, by William R. Sutton. Ph.D. and L. Russell Keene II


The element sulphur is one of the most important basic materials for the manufacture of fertilizer, paper, and rubber and a host of other products. Humans have long extracted sulphur for use as a fumigant and insecticide, but brimstone became even more important with the expansion of industry in the 19th and 20th Centuries.


In 1890 the German born Herman Frasch invented a new way of mining for sulphur at Sulphur, Louisiana which within twenty years changed the United States from an importer of the mineral to a country with such an abundant new supply that Frasch-produced sulphur dominated the world market.


Herman Frasch: The Sulphur King is the story of that invention and Frasch’s important contributions as a chemist, engineer and entrepreneur to the development of the American petroleum and chemical industries. It is the story of a young German boy who left his home in search of the American Dream and through his ingenuity and hard work was acclaimed as the world’s “Sulphur King.”